women's convention

Attending the Women's Convention in Detroit, Michigan was a deeply inspiring event for me. Put on by the organizers of the Women's March (January 2017), the convention was designed to create collaboration and connections across broad and diverse groups united in being Women. Such phenomenal women gathering together to think, talk, design, motivate...I've never had an experience like it. I'll be sharing some photos I made in the sessions that I attended here on my blog.  

This session I'm sharing here (which was amazing!) was entitled:  We Don't Wait Our Turn:  Why Entrepreneurship is the Key to Women's Economic Empowerment. On the panel were:  Dee Poku of WIE and The Other Festival, designer Tracey Reese, Jennifer DaSilva of Berlin Cameron, author Arian Simone, and Piera Gelardi of Refinery 29.

As an entrepreneur, trying to cut my path to professional and creative success, this session spoke to my hopes, anxieties, and deep belief in my vision for my business. I remain ever committed to helping women feel great in front of the camera and using their images to promote their intelligence and ambition. 

Your fellow reSister - Krista

p.s. If I have a photo of you, contact me if you want to use it for personal or promotional reasons. All images are (c) 2017/Krista Joy Niles.