Krista loves kitsch.

Krista loves kitsch.



Brightly Studios is the passion of Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Krista Joy Niles. Her vibrant style infuses images and products with her affection for modern art with her obsessive infatuation with nostalgia.

With 25+ years of experience behind the camera, Krista has worked for the New York Times, the Associated Press, the Lincoln Journal-Star, the San Antonio Express-News and many media organizations. In 2002, Krista won the Pulitzer Prize in Breaking News for her contributions to The New York Times’ coverage of September 11, 2001. She left daily journalism in 2006 to teach photography and journalism at VOICES, Inc., a Tucson-based non-profit that mentored youth in the documentary arts to share the stories of their lives through visuals and text. Together, they published hundreds of youth-created stories in newsprint, radio, and video.

Krista earned a B.A. in photojournalism from San Francisco State University and a Master of Arts degree in art and photo history at the University of Arizona where she also earned a certificate in Museum Studies. During graduate school she was the Ansel Adams Intern at the Center for Creative Photography – one of the leading photo archives in the world ­– in 2013-2014, and again in 2014-2015. Her master's thesis investigated the intersection of photography, museums, feminism, and postmodernism through the study of New York-based photo artist Louise Lawler.

Krista was the primary still photographer for the 2008 public art project The Invisible City, in which writers, poets, dancers and filmmakers explored and created art in response to public spaces in a gentrifying downtown in Tucson, Arizona. Her first solo photography book, HeartFound, a quirky collection of heart shapes found across the United States, was published in 2012. Her second book, Co-Authored is currently in the final editing stages. 

She lives in Philadelphia with her husband Mike and their old-lady dog Gertie.